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You Dont Have Room For A Work Center Lets Make Room

Do you have coupons and papers (reminders) taped all over your refrigerator? Papers in piles all over your kitchen counter or table? Papers next to the phone in a big heap? Bills and mail thrown in two or three drawers because you don't know where to go with them?.This is the heart of the home and when it is unorganized, so are you, your daily activities become unmanageable. Before too long, you have lost things, appointments are missed, notes from school are misplaced and bills aren't paid on time.

You ran out of room, but you need them handy, so what do you do?.Simple?You Organize!.Get an expandable file and label each section. Use words that you will identify with, such as: Bills out, Receipts file, Coupons, Things To Take Care Of, Things To Look Over, Papers from School etc.Hang a calendar on the inside of a cabinet door. Write every appointment, bill due date, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

on this calendar.Use a plastic, hang on the wall or over the door, shoe organizer to hold pencils, tape, stapler, paper clips, envelopes, stamps etc.Keep a telephone book next to the phone so you can write in your addresses and phone numbers and look them up the way that you can identify with them.Put up a message board so everyone can check if there are messages or things to do. This can be on the inside of a door, in the kitchen, a wall near the desk area or near the back door. Paint the inside of a door with blackboard paint and attach a small plastic cup to hold the chalk.

Even the smallest apartment can have wasted space that can be utilized; the inside of a pantry door, a clothes closet, the back of a door that never gets closed. The ideas are endless to what you can do with the smallest amount of space.

.By: Jan Hayner http://www.organizingyourlifetheeasyway.com Want to get organized? Want methods that are EASY? Don't have a lot of spare time?Get your free Organizing Your Life THE EASY WAY pamphlet called; 50 Things To Do in 10 Minutes or Less.

It is filled with ideas of things that you can do to Organize your life and Get instant satisfaction for a job well-done!! For more ideas, articles and FREE tips go to Jan's website and Get Organized THE EASY WAY!.

By: Jan Hayner

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