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Why is the United States of America so Strong

The United States of America is the greatest nation ever created on the surface of the planet. No one can deny this unless they're willing to tell a lie. But do you know why we're No.

1? Do you know why the United States of America is such a great nation and why this nation is the leader of all other nations?.Well let me tell you. You see The United States of America has by far the strongest military on this planet. The United States Air Force in the United States Navy together have superior air power that prompts all other nations in all other Air Force's combined.There is no other nation that can stand up against United States of America's military. The stealth technology can penetrate into air space without detection and the anti surface air missile systems will prevent any aircraft from being shot down.

With the new precision guidance ordnances each bomb or missile will hit its exact target within a few feet. Yet still some nations like Iran wished to challenge us and to make threats, but let's look at reality.The United States Navy has submarines, which have a greater firepower than the entire Iranian military combined into that is on one submarine alone. Do you have any idea how we submarines United States Navy has? It has also been said that once stealth fighter can do more damage to a single exact target then 50 B-17 flying Fortress on five missions could do in World War II. It is very unwise to take a sharp stick and poke it at a titanium tiger.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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