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When Does Confidence Become Arrogance

Arrogance is Total Confidence?.Recently, I had the "pleasure" of meeting someone who is a successful businessman, and trainer. However, after our introductions, I instantly disliked him. Why? you may ask. Something about him seemed out of place.

I have just figured it out. He was very confident, but had an air of superiority with me getting the distinct impression that he was "snuffing" me or just "was too good for me". Now that is arrogance. There is a fine line between being confident and being arrogant.Confidence is an inner understanding that you have the ability, you are OK, and that you are valuable and worthwhile.

Arrogance, on the other hand, is like feeling you are the MOST valuable person in the world, and that you are better than anyone else, and also that you do not need their input or help or companionship. Ouch!.To be truly successful, one should strive to be confident without any of the arrogance.When you are so self absorbed and giddy with your own sense of self worth, you may not feel the need to be sensitive towards any other person. Also you may feel that you know everything, are able to read peoples' minds, know what they are thinking, that you alienate yourself from others.

In fact, you may be so cocky and arrogant (confident) that you feel there is no need to check in with other people, no need for their opinions, no need to socialize period!.Believing in yourself and your capabilities and your worth-full-ness is a necessary part of being confident, but its the disregard for other people's values, opinions that make a person switch from being perceived as confident, to being seen as arrogant.So when does confidence become arrogance? It happens when confidence is used to create a distance between people. That makes all the difference. So please be more sensitive to the words you use, and your poise. Being indifferent creates the feeling that you don't care, and that you would rather be talking to the goldfish in the aquarium.

You can become more Self-Confident!.

.Shafir Ahmad is an Internet Consultant specializing in helping you to start your business online.

He has training in Information Technology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and Hypnotheraphy. See his website on Total Confidence at TotalConfidenceSecrets.com.

By: Shafir Ahmad

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