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Using Archangel Michael for Healing

Although I had heard of Archangel Michael and his power, and had asked for his assistance at times, it wasn't until I was working with one of my clients that I began to invoke him regularly.A few years ago I felt divinely guided to begin working as an Energy Facilitator in assisting individuals on their healing journey. (I prefer using Energy Facilitator as my "title" because I only facilitate ? the client does the healing.) I had become aware this was part of my purpose in this life experience and was gently but firmly being Divinely nudged to begin. Although I perceived myself a novice at that time, I could see the powerful results evident in the lives of those individuals who had been working with me. That simply confirmed the results were not from me.

My very first client was a woman who was quite ill with multiple debilitating and life-threatening conditions, some of which she had been dealing with for many years. (We'll call her Sara ? not her real name) She was 70 years old at the time, didn't seem happy at all, and was very shut down. She came to be my client as the result of a healing group get-together that a friend of mine created. I agreed to be a giver of energy that evening, and this woman had selected me to receive healing energy through me.

I was a little nervous since this was my first time as a facilitator, but called in the angels for help and of course they were there instantly. The thirty or so minutes I spent with Sara were quite amazing, and as a result she wanted to work with me ongoing.During my energy sessions I am consistently receiving messages from the angelic realm, which I share with my client. This was Sara's first official session. She was frozen, or so it seemed. I was having trouble getting energy to pulse through her when an angelic message came through saying "She's going to be a tough nut to crack.

" In my mind I asked if I was really to tell her that and the reply was an emphatic "Yes!" So I thought "Okay, here goes." When I shared that message with Sara, telling her I must always share what the angels tell me to share, to my utter amazement she began to laugh and agreed that she would indeed be a tough nut to crack, that the angels were right on!.So I'm thinking, "Oh great, my first real client and she is going to be a difficult one." Immediately after that thought I remembered Archangel Michael so quickly called on him with a panicky sound in my invite to help me out. Instantly I saw a flash of purple color appearing to move around me and I knew he was present. I relaxed more and began working with Sara.

It was at that point that she began to feel the energy moving through her body and messages began pouring in to my awareness. The room felt extremely warm.She told me she had three grown daughters and was not happy in her marriage. She also mentioned her illnesses, one of which was rheumatoid arthritis with multiple surgeries as a result. As I was working with her I saw a small child in my mind with blondish-brown hair catapulting down what appeared to be a hill, rolling over and over. I also noticed at the top of the hill some form of riding toy and assumed it belonged to the child who was tumbling down the hill.

I shared what I was seeing and in a subdued voice she poured out the story. She had been the mother of a son, her second child. His older sister by a few years was playing with him at the top of this hill. Sara was at their house a short distance away, cleaning things up. The child was ahead of his sister and apparently fell off his riding toy and plummeted down the embankment, right into the lake below. The lake was not seen in my vision.

The older sister ran as fast as she could to get the mom while the boy sank into the water. Construction workers from the other side of the lake became aware of what had happened as Sara came running down the hill screaming and waving her arms franticly. They joined her in the water, diving below the surface in search of the child, but their attempt to save his life was futile. When he was found he had left this life experience.I asked Sara how she felt after this happened and she replied that she felt frozen. She blamed herself for not being close enough to save him and became rigid with blame, guilt, and shame.

She said her life felt as if it shut down for months. I immediately saw a link with the illnesses she had endured, particularly the rheumatoid arthritis which resulted in limited movement, great pain, and stiffness. We talked about it and more messages came through about the need for her to let go of this guilt. We worked on cutting cords of attachment to the guilt and blame of the incident, among other things. The angels explained she wasn't to blame but it was simply his choice to leave. The angels said it was time to release the story and all the guilt, and to know he is fine.

Over the next few weeks ? she came to me weekly ? she mentioned how her neck was moving easier and she felt calmer inside. Her son began to connect with her from the spirit realm with wonderful messages indicating his presence with her through the years. He even shared at a later session that he had experienced another life in which he had grown into adulthood and fathered two sons before he again left his life experience. This made her so very happy for one of her greatest emotional pains was that his death so early in his life didn't allow him to grow into adulthood and become a dad.Sara was calling upon Archangel Michael every day. Her family began seeing a big difference in her, and she was smiling gloriously! Even her gait had a lightness with a spring in her step that was definitely not evident before.

She radiated much more peace and love, and her relationship with her husband improved. A few months into Sara's sessions with me, Archangel Michael was again present as we began our energy healing session. There was a continual slow increase in moving her neck more easily as a result of freeing herself from the bonds of guilt, even though medical doctors had said it could never happen. This session proved to be another exciting step.

As messages came through and we were working on various aspects of her healing process, I began feeling an intense tickling deep inside my left foot. Something of this nature had never occurred before. I moved my foot around and rubbed it on the floor but it didn't stop the tickling feeling. It was disturbing my concentration and wouldn't let up, causing me to move my foot continuously.

Then I was guided into the awareness that there was something going on with Sara's left foot. I asked her if she was feeling anything in her left foot. Immediately she replied that there was something tickling inside her foot and she wanted to scratch it, but the amazing thing was that she had not had any sensations in that foot since surgery fused together her toes and some bones in her foot six years before.

This was the result of the degeneration of bones and joints that often accompanies rheumatoid arthritis. I was then instructed to tell her to move her toes, even though she hadn't been able to move them for the last six years since the surgery, something that according to what she had been told by traditional medicine was not possible. They moved slightly and she was able to flex her foot somewhat for the first time since the surgery. She was overwhelmed and was laughing with exuberance as she thanked the angels and especially Archangel Michael for helping her regain some feeling and movement in her foot. She had better mobility as a result of this healing and was later able to flex and move her foot even more. All of this continued until she contacted a virus that shut down her weakened immune system and kidneys, so she left this world for now.

So much healing transpired in this woman's life in such a short time before she left this planet. It was awesome to watch her transform from an angry, bitter woman with an aura of darkness surrounding her to a warm, loving woman whose very countenance glowed from her inner essence of self-love. The relationships important to her all healed in miraculous ways and became filled with love before she left.

Even her husband came over to me one time and hugged me saying, "Whatever you're doing with my wife, don't stop. She's a different person and it's so much better." I just smiled as I hugged him back and simply said, "I'm not doing a thing; the angels are helping her do it.

" So although complete healing did not occur in her physical body, her emotional, mental and spiritual healing was phenomenal. Her healing was also healing to me as it always is, and what she taught me was incredibly enlightening as I watched this woman transform into an earth angel. The power within each of us is truly magnificent!.I continually invite Archangel Michael and his team of loving angels to host the healing sessions of my clients with consistent positive results. The marvels of the miracles that are possible continue beyond human comprehension when we allow them to unfold by getting out of the way and allowing the Divine beings do their work!.


Carolyn Porter, D. Div.
Empower Productions, Inc.

, owner
All About Health, Inc., co-owner

com.Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is a Health Advocate in all dimensions. She is an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Wholeness Coach, Author of multiple books, ebooks and audios, and an Energy Facilitator, whose passion is to help you move beyond your self-imposed limitations and become all you are meant to be. This provides multidimensional healing in body, heart, mind and spirit.

I invite you to visit http://www.drcarolynporter.com.

By: Carolyn Porter

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