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True or False Moving is Stressful

True or false, Moving is stressful?.Before you answer that, here's a snapshot from my family's recent moving experience:.The moving truck is almost empty. A large, heavy 4- drawer file cabinet, and a portable dishwasher are all that remain. Unfortunately, the truck needs to be moved forward a few feet in order to unload these items.

I stand behind the truck, prepared to signal the driver.As he climbs up into the driver's seat, I hear a rumbling sound and look up to see the portable dishwasher (the key here being portable, i.e. on wheels!) rolling down the truck bed, gaining speed as it heads directly towards me. Temporarily disconnecting from any intelligence, my initial reaction is to try and stop this dishwasher speeding towards the edge of the bed.

Sanity returns at the last second in the form of a voice in my head yelling, "Move you fool!" and I jump out of the way as this seventy pound appliance flies out of the truck and lands with an impressive crash on the ground beside me.Was our move stressful? Absolutely. Did it have to be stressful? Absolutely not!.

When friends and family heard we were moving, their response was universally something along the lines of, "Oh, I hate moving." "Moving is so stressful." Or "Good luck.

You'll need it!".I've moved quite a bit in my life and no one's ever said to me, "Oh, you lucky dog. I just love moving." Or, "Moving is so much fun! Can I come help?" Last time I checked, there was no commandment saying, "Thou shalt be stressed out when thou movest," yet we act as if there is some Universal Law that inextricably weaves stress into moving process.While moving certainly holds the potential for stress, overwhelm, and, conflict, this potential has become so firmly embedded in our collective belief system that it feels like an unavoidable truth.

A thought that has been repeated enough times by enough people for long enough, becomes a collective thought pattern. Eventually, these patterns become so ingrained in our way of life that they become a part of our collective belief system. As I prepared for the move, my inner coach kept reminding me that I had the power to create an easy and stress free moving experience.

That wise inner voice told me that I was under no obligation to accept the collective belief regarding moving. I was free to create my own belief, and have that belief empower and create my own experience.I listened to that voice. I heard what it was telling me. I wholeheartedly agreed with it.

And I was unable to extricate myself from the powerful pull of the collective belief system. As a result, the move was very stressful, culminating in the near disastrous dishwasher incident.The Law of Attraction encourages us to stop believing that what we have always gotten is what we will always get.

Instead, we are encouraged to start creating a new experience. Write a new script. Design a new set. Take creative control.Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Absolutely.

The thoughts, emotions and energy that we send out into the world create our experience. In theory, we have the ability to control our thoughts, emotions and energy, therefore, in theory, we have the ability to control our experience. Simple right? Simple perhaps, but not always easy.

Our physical reality is filled with collective beliefs - "Moving is stressful." "You have to work hard to get ahead." "Just wait until she hits the terrible twos!" - These collective beliefs hold great power and most of the time we allow these beliefs to determine the tone of our creative energy. Because of that, we usually create by default. We continue to get what we have always gotten because that is what we believe we are going to get.But we can take control of our creative energy.

We can learn to consciously direct the flow of our thoughts, emotions and energy in order to create an experience aligned with our desires. It's not always easy. In fact, to do it consistently is probably one of the most difficult tasks you will ever confront. However, the rewards for even just trying are immeasurable.Our moving story does have a happy ending.

After our move I was able to rest and review my thoughts and actions. I was able to shift my focus back to ease and regain a measure of conscious creation. When I caught myself dwelling on the things in our new house that bothered me, I shifted my focus to the positive aspects - the increased space, the ample light, the high ceilings, the proximity to my office and the town square.

Even though we were still in boxes, I let myself bask in the feeling of being settled into our new home, knowing that by resonating in that feeling of settled, the actual, physical settling of the house would happen much more smoothly and quickly.And this past weekend I witnessed the fruits of my deliberate creation. We had a wonderful, efficient and fun weekend of unpacking, organizing and settling in.

Friends and neighbors came by spontaneously to help us and play with our daughter while we got stuff done.

.Edward Mills, MIM, is a life coach, teacher and speaker, empowering people to more joyfully and abundantly share their essential gifts with the world. You can sign up for his monthly ezine, Evolving Times, at his website: http://www.

edwardmills.com or blog: http://www.evolvingtimes.com.

By: Edward Mills

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