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Things We Resist What Are Your Stories

Resistance is nothing more than blocking our energy from getting what we truly want. Every day we find different things we are resisting and then get upset because things are not as they are supposed to be.Avoiding resistance requires a lot of practice but the good news is that it is never too late to do it.

But you need to pay attention to your life.How do we know we are resisting something? I find the easiest way to detect resistance is by noticing warning signs. Now, I am a person who has some difficulty understanding universal hints.

By that I mean, for me to pay attention, my angels need to be screaming at the top of their lungs.I know that things are supposed to be easy. The universe is not complicated. So, when a situation gets a little muddled, I know that I must distance myself from it. Sometimes, though, I forget this "law of simplification" and butt my head into situations that I could have very well prevented.I have several examples of situations in which my resistance hurt me in absolute certain terms.

That means that I am perhaps a little impaired in regards to listening to my inner voice (you may call it: the Universe, Angels, God, etc?the name doesn't matter, really) and consequently do dumb things.I will talk about three, the result being that I hurt myself physically. Can't get any louder than that!.

The first was many years ago, when I was living in upstate NY, close to the mountains. Beautiful! Winters for me in that area were absolutely a disaster, so, I decided to make peace with snow and learn to ski. I took my son to the mountains; he was about 6 or 7 years old then.

We got there, and he happily went to his instructor and got lost with his little children's group, all day.I, on the other hand, hated the boots, hated the clothes, hated the goggles, hated the skis. My group, all middle-aged women went its way.

As opposed to all the other women, I couldn't learn to make a curve, to go one direction or another, or even climb the mountain. To make a long story short: I was horrible and hated every minute of it. But I insisted. After futile attempts at conquering the bunny slopes, at one point, I pleaded: "God, help me!" Immediate response: I fell. Two weeks on a crutch.Another day, I was taking this movement course and that day I didn't feel like playing this stupid ball game, which I hated, but decided to do it anyway, just to "belong.

" In the midst of that ball commotion (as all ball games are), I said: "God, give me a break!" Immediately, I saw the ball coming at me (it was not), tripped (in thin air, for there were no obstacles, not even my legs), fell down and broke a wrist. Points to God! Six weeks in a cast.Just recently, I was doing a pole exercise in Tai Chi, which I love.

But I didn't like those pole exercises because my hands were sweaty and the pole didn't slide and I almost got blisters. It hurt. Next week I did the same.

I hated that exercise and, lo and behold! At one point, I twisted my knee and have been "resting" for two weeks now.I have many more examples of this resistance. Will I ever learn? I know better.

How about you? What are your resistance stories?.

. Maria Moratto 2006 Dr. Maria Moratto is the author of "The Inner Cure: Healing Your Body, Mind, and Soul." Visit Prescription For Bliss at http://www.

rx4bliss.com and sign up for a free e-zine and receive a free report.
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By: Maria Moratto

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