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The Higher Self Part Two How to Work With the Higher Self

During this article, we will be covering several tools that will help you with your connection to your Higher Self and help make use of that important connection. First you will be introduced to a powerful and easy to follow meditation that will help you to connect with your Higher Self directly and powerfully. As you prepare for this meditation, make sure that you won't be disturbed, find a comfortable place to relax, then focus on your breathing, slowing it right down and until you feel deeply relaxed.

Higher Self Meditation.You bring your attention to the place about 1 metre below your feet. There you find a swirling gold energy which acts as a bridge that connects you to the Earth. Focus on this bridge of swirling energy until you feel energy coming in and out of it.

This is an important flow, Earth energy flows into your body through this bridge. Waste energy flows from your body through the bridge and into the Earth where it is transmuted back into useful energy. When the flow feels balanced and comfortable, move upwards to the base of your spine.At the base of your spine, you find some red spinning energy, this is the place of your ancestry and further connection to Earth. It is the place of safety and security. See the golden Earth energy pouring into it until it feels comfortable and balanced.

Then, move upwards to just below your navel.At your navel, you find some more spinning energy, this time it is orange. This is the place of your creative expression and sexuality. See the golden earth energy pouring into it until it feels comfortable and balanced.

Now, move upwards to your upper abdomen.Here the spinning energy is yellow like a firey sun. This is the place of your will and determination, your self esteem and empowerment. See and feel the Earth energy pouring into it, bringing it to a balanced healthy flow. Next, move upwards again to the centre of your chest.In your chest you find some beautiful green spinning energy.

Here is where you find the centre for love and healing. See the Earth energy flowing into this centre, harmonising and balancing it. When you feel ready, move on to the base of the throat.

At the throat, the spinning energy is sky blue. This is the place of self expression and communication with the world. The sparkling golden Earth energy pours into it opening it properly and bringing it to a harmonious flow.

When it feels done, move upwards to your brow.At your brow is beautiful deep, dark, blue/purple with sparkles of light all through it. This is the place of insight, vision and consciousness.

See the Earth energy pouring into it, bringing it into flow with the other centres. When you are ready, move upwards to the top of your head.The top of your head is the Crown, where vibrant purple energy spins. The place of intellect and wisdom. Feel the Earth energy flowing through there.

Now, about 1 metre above your head, is a brilliant star of light, you can feel the power and energy of it from your Crown. Moving upwards, bringing the Earth energy with you, you come to the Star. The star is your Higher Self. Feel the light of the star on your face. Breath the light into you, all the way down to your feet. Feel the constant flow of love and conscious focus on you from this beautiful and Divine Being.

Allow yourself to open up to this Divine Love Energy as it flows down through the centres you've just visited through your body and anchors itself in the golden Earth bridge below you.With love, say to your Higher Self, "I wish to become closer to you, and release all connection to the Ego and Fear influence. I wish to step into my True Divine Power and follow your guidance and help.". Now listen to or feel what your Higher Self responds with. When it is done communicating ask your Higher Self any question you wish.

When you have completed what you came for, focus in front of you and you will find a white, sparkling rope. This is the love energy that your Higher Self sent down through your body to the Earth Bridge below. This strengthens your connection to your Higher Self and makes it easier to tune in to this Divine Wisdom.Follow the rope down into your head, feeling yourself move back fully into your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes and return to the room when you are ready.

You can use this meditation as often as you wish to strengthen your connection to and commune with your Higher Self. The more often you use this meditation, the faster you will be able to move through it, tuning into each of the energy centres quickly and moving beyond them. Also, the more often you connect with your Higher Self, the easier it gets, the more natural it becomes and the better you can work with this Divine Being.Higher Self Guidance.Having this growing connection with your Higher Self is not much use to you unless you can use it for a purpose.

This article lists two wonderful uses for the Higher Self connection. This first thing to focus on is making use of this amazingly wise and insightful being for guidance in your life.Very simply, you need to:

  • Define what it is you want to know. Make sure the wording is clear and concise. For example, rather than 'how do I find a husband/wife?' - ask 'How do I connect with the perfect partner for me?'.

  • Follow the Higher Self meditation,
  • When you are in the flow with your Higher Self, ask the question and wait for the answer. The more you relax and listen, the more you will learn.You can soon get to the point where communication with your Higher Self is flowing beautifully and clearly, but it may take a little practice.

    Higher Self Attunements.Another wonderful use of your Higher Self relationship, comes from this Beings amazing power and its desire to see you empowered and willingness to help. During this work, you focus on a specific issue you wish to clear, or gift you wish to enhance. Choose one at a time and work with it until you have moved beyond the problem.As an example, we can use 'money issues' as the problem. If you struggle with money, then why not enlist the help of your Higher Self to move beyond it!

  • Define the problem, e.

    g., 'money struggles',

  • Define the solution, e.g.

    , 'wealth and prosperity'.

  • Use the Higher Self meditation,
  • Say to your Higher Self, 'please attune me to the permanent experience of wealth and prosperity.'
  • Complete the meditative process as usual.The attunement may last anywhere from between 10 to 35 minutes, maybe longer. During this time, you can meditate and feel the shifts and movements as your Higher Self does the work, or you can go off and do other things. Do this attunement work every two days (unless instructed otherwise by your Higher Self).

    Continue this work until you see the shifts and changes in your life and you feel the work is done. Once complete, you can continue on to something else.Here is a list of things you can be attuned to:-

    • Love
    • Empowerment
    • Strength
    • Healing Energy
    • Confidence
    • Peace
    .Of course the true list is endless, but this can get you started.As you can see, your Higher Self is a powerful ally.

    Working with this Divine Being who is designed to create the best for you with your permission, can be a life changing experience. Consider commiting to one month of doing this work and checking for changes in your life. Enjoy the results of this positive, powerful action!.


    Daniella Breen B.Sc.(Psych) and Reiki Master, runs an on-line College of Metaphysics, http://www.ShamanGoddessCollege.com with an evergrowing list of empowering courses designed to train you in tools that support your Self Mastery.

    By: Daniella Breen

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