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Test Your Ability To Handle Crisis

Who has not faced a crisis in his/her life? All of us do? The difference is in our response. Our response defines and decides our ultimate success in a crisis. Let us look at this.

Calm - Some of us are very calm during a crisis. They will not easily show their emotions. Their mind might be under turmoil but their actions will not reveal that.

This gives great confidence to others around. Calmness has another virtue. With calm mind, we can think coolly and decide about the course of action. That can increase the chance of success manifold.Surrender - many of us give in as soon as a crisis appears.

We are left with no strength to fight it. We don't believe that we can over come the crisis and surrender. Our mind stos all-creative thinking and accepts the failure.Disturbed - many of us get greatly perturbed during a crisis. We are so disturbed that we don't know what to do. Our mind runs hither thither and we are totally confused.

This creates real panic and confusion around and leads to failure most of the times.Crisis has come. By getting disturbed or surrendering, it will not go away. Why not face it calmly. Why not count all the losses and try to recover what is left. Why not plan for future and go ahead accepting the losses cheerfully? These qualities make a winner in life.

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By: CD Mohatta

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