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Success Is A Winning Feeling

While it may seem that success creates the winning feeling, it is also possible to use the winning feeling to create success.Let me explain.Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between something imagined and something that really happened.

Your conscious mind knows, but your subconscious does not know.What is the significance of this little psychological fact?.First, let's briefly cover the difference between the two aspects of your mind. Then, you'll be able to grasp the significance of this little trick you can play on your own mind to motivate yourself into a success breakout.The conscious mind is what you are using right now to read and evaluate the ideas in this article.

The subconscious mind is what runs the three trillion processes of your body and is the storehouse of all your memories and latent, untapped mental powers.The conscious mind is reality-oriented. The subconscious mind is a servomechanism that responds to what the conscious mind tells it.The conscious mind is the decision-maker.

The subconscious mind puts the decisions made into action. While the conscious mind can come up with a good plan, it is the subconscious mind that makes it happen.Finally, like an iceberg, most of your mind is underwater; it is subconscious. What you often assume to be your mind is just the small portion that is visible on the surface.Now when you are succeeding in something, you feel encouraged and get better and better at it. You put more time and more energy into it.

Your learn more and you refine your experiences, creating even better strategies. All this happens because you have a winning feeling.Conversely, when you are failing at something, your self-esteem plunges, you feel lethargic, and you get stupid about what needs to be done.

Soon enough, the losing feeling hurts so much that you discontinue the activity altogether and move on to something less painful.With the winning feeling, you move toward even greater success, and you get more of what you want. With the losing feeling, you move toward even more failure, and you get less of what you want.

Now, let's put all this together.By simulating the experience of winning, even before it has actually happened, your conscious mind is turning on the juice and the subconscious mind pours out more resources?more creative and inspired ideas, a greater enthusiasm for learning, and more energy and effort toward the goal.Simply by continuously imagining yourself, holographically imagining yourself, as winning, you actually start to make it happen.

Your 3 dimensional vision of your own success will create the actual experience.This is the way to earn more money, enjoy better health, enjoy a wonderful relationship, and fulfill that long desired ambition.


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By: Saleem Rana

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