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Stress Management Tip A Healthy Energy Body

Many cultures, both modern and ancient, have recognized the concept of a universal energy or vital life force that flows through the physical body of all living things. In India this energy is called Prana. In China it is called Chi. In Japan it is called Ki. Greeks know it as Pneuma while the Kahuna of Hawaii and Polynesia call it Mana. Such cultures believe this living energy is responsible for sustaining the life of organs, cells, tissue, and blood, and is considered to be our connective flow to the creator.

Associated with this principle is the belief that all living creatures have a subtle energy body or aura that governs the physical body. Located in this energy body are chakras, whirling energy centers that control and energize the major and vital organs of the physical body. These chakras function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of the universal energy through a person's subtle energy system.It is understood that the state of a person's chakras and hence the energy body represents the physical health of a person.

Because chakras absorb and distribute life energy to the parts of the physical body, if a chakra malfunctions, that person will become physically ill. The chakras are also centers for psychological functions. Chakras therefore not only represent particular parts of the body but also are a reflection of a person's psychological state.Given the importance of the energy body and chakras physically, emotionally and mentally, it is clear that having a strong healthy energy body will not only help deal with stress, but will even help you deal with many other challenges that life may bring.

So the question remains how can you as a person develop and maintain a strong healthy energy body? Well there are many alternatives to choose from.Firstly if you are finding that you are struggling emotionally or physically, you may be in need of a good dose of energy healing. Energy healing is a broad term used for any form of healing that addresses the subtle energy body.

Working directly with the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of the energy body and chakras, energy healing involves releasing blocked energy and re-energising the energy body restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. There are many energy healing modalities available and known to be quite effective including Pranic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Tibetan Healing and Shamanic Healing, just to name just a few. You will find that after just one session with the right energy healer, you will be feeling a lot better.

Aside from energy healing, you can also be quite proactive in ensuring that your energy remains strong and healthy. The simplest way is via regular physical exercise which is known to have a cleansing affect on the energy body. In this case, all the dirty energy that contributes to physical, emotional and mental sickness is automatically expelled, while the fresh energy freely available in the air and earth will naturally flow into your body. Activities such as yoga, tai chi and most martial arts are specifically designed not only to help you become strong physically but also energize your body on an energy level. Generally speaking, yoga practitioners focus on the 'prana' entering their energy bodies energizing their chakras while moving into and holding specific physical positions.

Similarly in Tai Chi, practitioners concentrate on a specific point just below the belly known as the Dantien, which is considered to be a major storehouse of energy, while performing various body movements.Finally there are a number of meditative practices that you can explore designed to enhance and increase the flow of energy throughout your body such as Chi Kung, Nei Kung and Kundalini Yoga. In many healing schools, meditation is practiced regularly to enhance the energy of the body. Pranic healing for instance includes in its highest levels a series of meditations specifically designed to enhance the flow of energy through out the energy body. It is very important to note that the one element common amongst all techniques discussed (physical exercise, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung or just basic meditation), is abdominal breathing. This form of breathing requires that you inhale the air through your nose into the bottom of your lungs, hold for a moment and then exhale through your mouth.

When done correctly, your energy body will be naturally cleansed and reenergized.By regularly engaging in any form of activity that promotes the strength and flow of energy through your body, you will find that your physical and psychological health will improve. As a result your ability to cope with day to day physical and emotional stress will be greatly enhanced. With dedicated practice you may even feel a stronger connection to your creator and simply a general sense of well being.

.David Tomaselli is the creator of Stress Management and Self Improvement Techniques ? The Wholistic Development Exchange.

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By: David Tomaselli

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