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Spiritual Awakening Now What

A spiritual awakening is a tremendous gift that leaves us exhilarated, inspired, and full of new awareness and perspective. While nothing in our lives may have changed, we have undergone a profound shift and are forever transformed.So now what? It is only natural to want to manifest our transformation into our physical existence. We want to share our new consciousness with the world.

Unfortunately, the world may not be ready for our revelations! We may feel a strange, sudden dissonance with our external circumstances. Almost overnight, we may feel out of place in our lives.We live in a vibratory Universe.

Everything vibrates at its own pace, from the smallest particle to the broader rhythms of our bodies, this planet, and the cosmos. Our soul has its own particular vibration rate. When we have a spiritual awakening, this vibration rate shifts dramatically.The law of attraction states that like attracts like. All your life circumstances match the resonance of your soul vibration.

But now you come in contact with a person, a book, or a set of teachings with a much higher resonance. Suddenly, your Soul's resonance shifts to match it. You may not be aware of what or who originally set this process in motion.

But suddenly you exist at a higher level of consciousness.One of two things will happen to your external circumstances: They will either be inspired to meet your new elevated level of consciousness ? or they will fall away. Just by being within your new awareness, you are instigating change. You are now a catalyst that can inspire spiritual growth in others. Just like you encountered someone or something that catapulted your own soul growth forward, you can be that instigator.

A spiritual awakening is often followed by a period of transition as our life circumstances shift to match our soul vibration rate. When we meet this transition with conscious awareness, it can be a time to delight in how the Universe manifests new opportunities for us. Doors will open that were simply not available to us previously.It can also be an unsettling period of time if we resist this process. If we hold on to life circumstances exactly as they are, in contrast to our current state of consciousness, we will create continued dissonance with our environment. This can become very painful.

This process of our external circumstances shifting to accommodate our soul's evolution is ongoing. But often it is so slow and gradual that we barely notice it. With a spiritual awakening, there is a giant leap forward in our soul's evolution. Our circumstances must shift to accommodate this higher level of consciousness.There is nothing to be "done" within this process. We are best served by remaining aware of our new state of being.

The Universe will manifest matching life circumstances for us. Be open to change, unexpected opportunities, and new directions. Be mindful also that you are on your own unique path. Your new insight and perspective will draw those to you that are ready for them. You will inspire some of the people in your life to move forward on their own path of soul evolution.

Others are not yet ready to benefit from your transformation.When we shift towards a higher level of consciousness, it offers everyone in our environment the opportunity to grow and evolve. One person's soul growth can inspire another's. As we all travel along our own unique path at our own perfect pace, the greatest gift we can give others is to focus on our spiritual development.


Andrea Hess is an Intuitive Consultant who works with spiritual seekers who want to discover their soul's path and purpose for this lifetime. Visit her website for a free e-mail reading.

By: Andrea Hess

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