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Pollution Prevention At Home

"P2" stands for "pollution prevention". Pollution prevention means avoiding the creation of waste from the beginning or, as a second option, recycling in an environmentally-sound manner. Why should you prevent pollution? When we prevent pollution, we save energy, conserve resources, reduce pollutants and waste, and lessen exposure to harmful materials. Although we sometimes want to blame others for today's environmental problems, ordinary citizens are polluters as well. Do you think that you can't do anything that will help the earth? All environmental impact starts with individual effort. Everyone can become involved in preventing pollution. Any endeavor to help keep our planet healthy will ultimately be beneficial for each of us. What can you do to become part of the solution?

Surprisingly, pollution prevention is not difficult, and your opportunities are not limited to just recycling those aluminum cans and glass bottles. Opportunities abound at home, when you shop at the store, and at work. You can take steps every day to help curb pollution. How can you join in this effort to protect the environment? This page will get you started on the road to "environmentally friendly" living!

Pollution Prevention in Automobiles

Our cars, while necessary, are very harmful to the environment. The average American automobile emits its own weight in pollutants into the atmosphere each year. Auto emissions account for about 60% of air pollution (espcially ozone smog) in our cities. Reformulated gasoline and Inspection and maintenance programs such as Ohio's E-Check have been introduced in many areas to reduce emissions. These programs, however, are only short term solutions to the problem. If your car is leaking fluids, these can contaminate the water and soil. Routine maintenance of your automobile creates other hazardous wastes, such as used motor oil, used antifreeze,tires, and other waste. It is important that we dispose of these wastes in accordance with state and municipal environmental regulations.

Pollution Prevention by Saving Energy

One of the best ways to prevent pollution is to reduce our consumption of energy. Our energy often comes from the burning of fossil fuel, such as coal or natural gas, so using less energy will mean creating less pollution. In addition, saving energy can mean saving YOU money!

  • Reduce the need for heating and cooling by adequately insulating your home, especially the attic, walls, and water heater. Shade your home by putting blinds and curtains in the windows, and by planting trees.

  • UseEnergy efficient lighting and appliances (this may be one of the most important things you can do at home to save energy and reduce pollution!)

  • Maintain your heating and cooling systems in good working condition for optimum energy efficiency.

  • When the summertime temperature is not as high, open windows to allow the natural breezes to ventilate and to cool your home (this may have the added benefit of reducing the accumulation of indoor air pollutants.

  • Purchase energy efficient appliances and energy efficient windows.

  • Consider the purchase of a tankless hot water heater or other hot water saving appliances.

  • Use public transportation, carpool, and/or drive energy-efficient automobiles whenever possible.


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