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Seek Riches Christian

Many Christians believe it is wrong for a Christian to seek after riches. They think this is an act of greed. Christians are not to have many material things. It is difficult to get into heaven if you are rich. Rich is bad. You cannot serve God and money.

While these thoughts may be right they are based on a wrong set of priorities.A Christian's life should be based on serving and pleasing God with his life. If his priorities are in the right place riches will just be another tool to use to glorify God. Emphasis is put on money and material things when anything can come between you and God. Money can become the driving force in your life to good or bad. The love of money is the problem, not the money.

Dedicating your life to pursue riches just to have things and stuff is a waste of time. The things and stuff will not satisfy you. You will be like the extremely wealthy man when asked "How much is enough"? His reply was "just one more dollar", never having enough and never feeling satisfied.On the other hand riches can and should be used to meet the needs of others. To support missionaries, feed the hungry, build churches, build schools, build hospitals, the list goes on and on. Money is necessary in the economy of the world.

Without it you are limited to the amount of good you can accomplish. With an abundance of riches you can reach many, showing them God's love and introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.You do not have to be rich to help others but you can help a lot more if you have an abundance of resources.

Therefore a Christian should seek ways to make the most money they can and then give it to those God has called to carry forth to serve. Socialism is not the answer. Helping others to be fed, clothed and sheltered then giving them a chance to improve their own life is.

They should be taught about God's love and his desire for them to serve him with their lives to serve others.Using the riches God blesses you with will not only give you feeling of satisfaction, you will be laying up treasures in heaven. Jesus taught his disciples to lay up treasures in heaven not on this earth. Money and material things are temporary. They can vanish in a few moments. The good works you do will be rewarded one day at the judgement seat of Christ.

They will go with you into eternity. God that created everything and has everything at his disposal is not impressed with how much money you may accumulate. He is impressed and pleased when you use what you have accumulated to accomplish his will on earth.There is no limit to God's abundance.

When you give with a cheerful heart and a heart of love God will bless you. You cannot out give God.Have you determined where and how God wants to use you to meet the needs of others? Are you using the talents and abilities he has given you to make all the money you can? Are you doing it for the right reason?.

.Warren Adams is a bi-vocational preacher. He has a desire to take the stigma of being rich or trying to be rich from Christians.

To direct them to make all the money they can and give it back to others as God directs.http://ItsOkToBeRich.com.

By: Warren Adams

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