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Romantic Temperament What is it

Is it wonderful when your lover knows exactly what do you wanted? But in real life things often don't happen the way that you dreamed. And when you want romantic intimacy, your spouse turns sideways and sleeps but when you feel tired he/she overwhelmingly desires you.Why does it happen? The answers to this question, probably, are as many as the people who would have an answer to it.The reason that a huge amount of marriages are breaking up in the first couple years of marriage is not because of a difference in character but because of romantic incompatibility. Choosing a partner in life, we are taking into consideration things like: appearance, education, sense of humor, and financial stability.

But we do not always pay attention to romantic compatibility, if our temperament matches with our future spouse's temperament.Problems in intimate life happen either because of the romantic needs of the man and the woman do not match (different romantic temperaments) or physical disproportions. But if the second happens very seldom, the first - pretty often.The romantic temperament is defined by the level of hormones, specific nervous activity, and the strength of a tendency. By those different parameters we can divide people into three groups: with strong, weak and average romantic charters. It is obvious that for people with high romantic needs it is better to find passionate partners for marriage and for whom romantic compatibility is not on the top of the list must find a calmer partner.

Those, whom the nature gave a strong romantic temperament, mature before their age group. The girls and boys get mature at the age of 10-11 years and some of them from 12-13 start being interested in romantic intimacy. The romantic tendency of this type of people is very strong. The romantic intimacy takes for them the first places in a scale of fundamental values.

And if the partner does not match them, they will most likely look for another.Some experts believe that there is a connection between the physical constitution of the person, his body, and type of character. So, by that theory, women and men of strong temperament are usually not very tall, with a well developed body.

As to features of character it is known that extroverts are more romantic liberated: sociable, active, impulsive, and amusing people. They are usually considered the soul of the company.Most of those people are good leaders. They are strong, aggressive, and capable of winning competitive fights. Usually they are successful in a life (of course there is always an exception in each rule). Among them are a lot of politicians and businessmen.

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By: Willie Krut

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