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Risky Games for Public Places

Your blood starts to get hot and your pulse will quicken. There's something about knowing that you are fully exposed to anything that might happen that increase your adrenaline and leads to just mind-blowing sex later in the evening. Of course, if you do get caught, then it makes for a funny story down the road.

Unless it's your mom or dad?that's just weird.Wanna ride?.Let's talk about getting into your partner's cab. Oh no, not that. What a dirty mind.

Well, okay, we're not talking about that yet. Why not have a partner dress up as a cab driver and offer to pick the other person up? The risk is exponentially increased when the picking up is done in a public place?outside of their work or a bar. Try to find a place that will surprise the one being picked up. And as for the driver, you'll be all hot and wet just waiting for your new fare. Have them get into the back seat of the car and ask where they're going. Perhaps you know a short cut that might help them get there faster.

But you have to make a quick stop first?.What, no tip?.You can also find a lot of great fun in playing a waitress for your partner. Pretend that you're from a local restaurant and you're just leaving work.

If people look at you funny, it's all the better. There will be some that know that you don't work at the place that you just left because they certainly don't wear those kinds of uniforms. And they'll know exactly what you're up to.

Perhaps you can both be at the same restaurant, but not eating together. Your man can eat, pay the bill and then start to leave when he sees you. He might make small talk and ask if you need a ride home.

You might resist at first, but then you might decide that he's cute and you do need a ride. Just not that kind.It's your corner.This is probably the riskiest role play that you can do in public (outside of a cop, but that can get you into legal trouble?be very careful with that one): a hooker.

Yes, you read that right. Why not get all 'sexed' up and find a deserted corner to walk on? You might even flirt with a few cars that go by. But you're actually waiting for a specific customer. Find a short skirt, a nice bra or bustier and some high heels. Wear a lot of makeup and make your hair all tousled and sultry?as though you've had a lot of other customers that night.

The risk in this is that you might actually get offers from other guys, or you might have other hookers yelling at you to get away from their territory. Also, there's the risk of being on a dark corner at night and all the weirdoes that might be around. Ah, but it's so hot.Have your partner pull up and ask you about your services.

You might want to bargain for a while about what you will and will not do. Don't make it easy on him. And once the payment and the services are worked out, then you get into his car. Go to a hotel for the even riskier effect. It looks so naughty, but it's just so much fun.

You will certainly get the raised eyebrow. Taking risks will certainly heat up your sex life and make it into an interesting game that can start at any time, anywhere.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link:Trashy Lingerie | Blouses See Thru.


By: Hannah Johnsen

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