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Quiz For Men Do You Know What Women Prefer Looks Or Money

Men and women have different roles in the society. Both the sexes also have different choices. Talking about gender equality cannot ignore the biological differences. Gender equality does not mean that women and men like or dislike same things or have similar aspiration or behavior.What do women prefer- Looks or money? If you ask some men around you about what they desire in women, good looks may come out as a common answer.

What about women? Does a good-looking man attract women or they are more attracted by a man having more money and a man with ambitions? Please ask some women and you will be surprised to know that even very good looking women are not necessarily looking for a partner with great looks, if he has no money. Women desire men with money, power and ambitions more than looks.If you are a man with ok looks, bur with good amount of money and are thinking of doing much more in your profession, you may be chosen by a real good looking woman. This does not mean a man who does not keep himself clean or has little sense of clothes. That is a must, but you need not look like a person who can go to any competition and win it on looks. Of you have money and ambitions; you can have your pick of woman.

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By: CD Mohatta

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