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Quick and Easy PreYoga Stretching Techniques

All muscles tend to tighten up when idle, particularly the long muscles in your legs, back, and the sides of your body between your hips and your armpits. Sitting for a long time in the same position at a desk or bench will often stiffen neck or shoulder muscles. Such stiffness creates tension in the body and can even influence your state of mind.

But the most common danger of stiff muscles is that sudden movement that may cause damage. The following are some popular stretchers:.Bend and Sway.With your feet apart and your hands on your hips, bend the upper body to the left; then bend back as far as you can go, then to the right, and then forward. bend to the left again and repeat.

After several bends, reverse direction and do several more. You should feel the muscles stretching on both sides of your body. Clasping your hands behind your neck or above your head will increase the stretching benefit.From the same starting position as above, sway, do not rotate, from one side to the other. Extending the arms high above the head will give you maximum benefit.

Wing Flaps.To loosen the shoulder muscles, stand with your elbows out and your fists together in front of you about neck high. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor. Slowly pull your fists apart, and bring your elbows back as far as they will go. Do several smooth repetitions.

Raising or lowering the level of your arms will spread the stretch up and down your shoulders. Some other good stretchers include the bend, the groin stretch, the propeller, and the cobra.Bend.Begin with your feet together and knees straight but relaxed. Bend slowly form the waist with your fingers pointing to your toes and your head bowed. When you have reached the farthest you can hold for 10 seconds.

Then rise very slowly to a straight-up position. Repeat. If the muscles along the back of your legs are very tight, do not expect to touch your toes right away. Just make sure that those leg muscles get a good stretch, and you will enjoy daily improvements.Variation 1: Bend slowly forward and clasp your hand hands behind your legs. Pull your body down slowly by bending your elbows out.

Variation 2: Clasp your hands behind your legs even lower than in variation 1. Pull your body down slowly.For both variations, hold for 10 seconds.

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By: Richard Martin

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