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Put Your Dreams in Play

We've been talking about the BE ? DO ? HAVE model and how ultra-successful people have been using this model to have uncommon results in their lives for years. Now it is time for you to begin to practice using the tools that you are learning here. Knowledge without application has little value. Marianne Williamson, in her new book, comments that our challenge is not that we are not students of truth. Our challenge is that we are "C" students. I know that I for one, spent years knowing a lot of things about how the world works, but failed to practice the principles.

I knew a lot, and I loved discussing the knowledge that I had with other people, but I was not willing to risk and get out of my comfort zone to practice the principles that I had learned.Why is it that we don't want to practice the principles that we have learned?.It's fear, plain and simple.

Fear of the unknown is what has kept good people from accomplishing their dreams for centuries. Even though life may not be as fulfilling as it could be, many people prefer their life to be predictable, rather than face the unknown, which is uncertain. It's called your comfort zone, and everyone has one. Anything that is in your life is in your comfort zone and anything that is not in your life is not currently in your comfort zone.I used to think that it was brave and noble to venture outside of my comfort zone, and I still do.

The ironic thing that happened was that when I ventured outside of what was known, I felt uncomfortable!.So let's see, when I ventured outside my comfort zone, I felt UNCOMFORTABLE. I guess it should have been no surprise after all. In fact, now I know that every time I venture outside my comfort zone, I will feel some level of discomfort, because that is the nature of the journey outside of my comfort zone.

So now I know that I will feel some level of discomfort when I get outside my comfort zone, and ironically, I feel some comfort in that!.I think ultra-successful people feel just as uncomfortable outside their comfort zones as anyone else. The difference is that they have been there before, and being uncomfortable is something that they have practiced, and they are willing to endure, to have the life that they want to have.TAKE ACTION:.What is it that you would like to have in your life that is not currently there now? What person, place or thing would you like to have? What are you willing to risk to have it, or them?.Are you willing to be uncomfortable to have the life of your dreams?.

Right now, write down on a piece of paper, some goal or desire for what you want to have in your life. Write it in present tense and in the form of a BEING-NESS statement. For example: "I am in a loving, committed relationship", "I am accepting X amount of dollars this month", or "I am traveling to [fill in your dream vacation spot] by the end of this year".It is important that you use the words, "I am" to begin your goal statement. "I am" are the two most powerful words in the English language, because together they form a statement of BEING, which harnesses the power of the Universe to create the life you really want.

Once you have written down your statement of being, take some action (DOING) to move toward your goal. You can approach someone who looks interesting to you at the grocery store. You can set up a networking appointment with someone who may be able to create some business for you. You can get on the internet, or talk to a travel agent to learn more about your options for taking that dream get-away.The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.Take it right now!.

.Neil O. Pflum, Speaker and Author BE Success ? Discover the Secret of Having the Life You Really Want http://www.besuccesstips.


By: Neil Pflum

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