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Overloaded and Confused

What?.One normal by-product of having too much to do is the overloaded and confused cycle. When we begin to get overloaded, we begin to get confused. Typically we ask, "What should I do next when there seems to be so many things to do?" However, projects and tasks do not stop showing up just because we are overloaded and confused. They keep right on coming, making the situation worse?leading to more overloading and more confusion. There are both ineffective and effective ways to handle being overloaded and confused.

Choosing effective responses can slow down and eventually stop the escalating cycle.So What?.We all get overloaded at times. Learn to quickly recognize the feelings that signal you are getting overloaded such as anxiety and confusion. Then learn how to effectively respond and keep the overloaded and confused cycle from escalating.

Now What?.Here are some ineffective responses to being overloaded:.

  • Procrastinating.

  • Substituting unproductive action (overeating, overdrinking, working on low-value tasks, etc.).
  • Speeding up.
  • Giving up
.Here are some effective responses to being overloaded:.
  • Think ? slow down and remember that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts.

    There is a very good chance that 80 percent of what you think you need to do, does not matter. Stop trying to do it all! Contrary to what you want to believe, you are not exempt from the 80/20 rule.

  • Clarify ? the antidote to confusion is clarity. Stop and ask questions.

    Ask yourself, ask others. Clarify what you need to do and why you need to do it. Clarify the outcome you truly desire.

  • Simplify ? Break up overwhelming projects into digestible tasks.
  • Eliminate ? Think about reasons you should not do something or legitimate ways you can avoid doing it. Is it your priority or someone else's? Should you not accept the task? Should you delegate it? Should you forget it?.

  • Shut down ? If things are totally out of control, take the most counterintuitive action of all. Shut down and make getting organized your highest priority. Forget anything that isn't absolutely life sustaining for a few hours or even a few days, and get under control.
.If you find yourself running through life, at least take the time to ask yourself where you are going?and why..

.Chris Crouch, president and founder of DME Training and Consulting, is the developer of the GO System. The GO System is a structured training course designed to improve focus, organization and productivity in the workplace and is taught by corporate trainers and professional organizers all over the country. Chris is also author of Getting Organized: Learning How to Focus, Organize and Prioritize and other books that provide practical and easy-to-learn ideas on personal achievement, success and productivity.

Visit http://www.thegosystem.com to learn more about the GO System, to inquire about having Chris speak to your group or organization, to sign up for Chris' free newsletter providing tips on having a more joyful and productive life, and for additional ideas on improving focus, organization and productive.

To learn about becoming a Certified GO System Trainer, visit http://www.gosystemcertification.com.

By: Chris Crouch

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