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Online User Behavior and the Digital Divide

The explosion of Internet usage in the mid-90s has triggered a widespread and intense discourse about the possible effects of this "digital revolution" on economies, politics and societies at large.While there appears to be general consent that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) increase productivity and thus generate economic growth, critics contend that the uneven distribution of ICTs enhance income disparities.This so-called "digital divide" has grown into a complex concept trying to capture a multitude of dimensions while attention has been focused on the differences between countries and people who have and who do not have online access.With the rapid international proliferation of ICTs a second level of the digital divide gains more interest: How can socio-cultural characteristics and resulting online user behavior in a particular country contribute to narrowing the digital divide? Or: If the Internet really is the great equalizer that can help to level the economic playfield by linking businesses in developing countries into the international market, how can online user behavior relate to this opportunity?.Preliminary research for among university students in the Kingdom of Thailand indicates that the Internet is perceived and applied rather as a tool for entertainment - especially social networking - than a tool for conductiong business.

.Svend Nelson is a university lecturer and Internet entrepreneur. Svend lived and worked in various countries across Latin America, Europe and Asia and spends most of his time in Thailand using the Internet as a tool to maximize personal freedom. I Web Marketing I Thailand Spa I Arizona Mortgage I.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Svend_Nelson.


By: Svend Nelson

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