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Once A Country Has Nuclear Knowhow It Cannot Be Reversed

Iran has now entered the so-called Nuclear Club of nations, which is capable of making nuclear weapons. Unfortunately they are not very welcomed because their current regime is so utterly fanatical that they cannot be trusted to keep the peace. In fact they have already promised to blow Israel off the map.

Presumable with nuclear warheads on top of late model high-tech Chinese Rockets. As this is making headlines, it is also circulating on the Blogs. Cathy states: "Fact #2. Once a country has nuclear know how, it cannot be reversed.".

Actually this is totally incorrect, we sure as heck can set them back all the way and remove those scientists and regime using military force. With regime change it is not as big a crisis, but alas the current regime has no intention of doing anything similar to the right thing and will not go quietly and leave power. In fact they rather enjoy all the media attention they have been getting these days as they threaten the world using International Terrorist groups to do terrorist acts on the USA, Israel and other Western Targets on civilians.The question people are now asking is how come the World is allowing them to get away with this and how can we be safe with a rogue nation state with nuclear weapons sponsoring international Terrorist Groups? Some say just leave them alone, yet can we really risk that? Is it fair to the future victims and families to do nothing, while they reshape the world in terror? Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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