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Natural Breast Enlargement Methods

Natural breast enlargement methods are today preferred over breast implant surgeries. Like its name suggests, natural breast enlargement methods are natural and therefore, safer. Also, the processes are non invasive, which reduce the risk of any surgery. The non invasive process also does off with the use of silicone or other such substances being used.

Similarly, these natural breast enlargement methods do not have any side effects. . . Some of the main natural breast enlargement methods in use today are: .

  • Breast enlargement pills
  • Breast enlargement lotions, creams and sprays
  • Breast pumps
  • Exercise and Breast Massage
  • Hypnosis
  • .  .

    . Breast Enlargement Pills . . The female gender achieves puberty around the age of ten or twelve. An increased production of hormones like estrogen, progesterone and prolactin stimulate the growth of the cells of the breast. .

    . Breast enlargement pills use the same concept. Mankind has known such herbs which stimulate growth since ages. These herbs are known to increase the bulk of the breast growth.

    These herbs contain the plant estrogen, called phytoestrogen. This phytoestrogen has the same function human estrogen has. They stimulate the growth of the adipose tissue, i.e. breast. .

    . Phytoestrogens are found in the following natural herbs:- .

    • Pueraria mirifica
    • Blessed thistle
    • Dong Quai
    • Saw palmetto
    • Fennel seeds
    • Fenugreek
    • Dandelion root
    • Damiana
    • Wild Yam

    Breast Enlargement Creams, Lotions, Sprays . . There are other breast enlargement creams, lotions and sprays which contain natural ingredients. These ingredients work towards firming the tissues and ligaments of the breasts. Further, these creams work as moisturizing cream for the breasts. While the creams supply breasts with additional water and moisture, they make the breasts look firmer and livelier.

    . . These breast enhancement and enlargement herbs and ingredients are available in various forms, like creams, lotions, sprays and pills.

    Mostly, breast enlargement pills are used along with the creams, sprays and lotions. . . Breast Pumps . .

    Breast pumps are another method of enhancing breast size. The concept used is the same which is used to remove excess milk from the breasts of a lactating mother; however, these pumps are different in shape and structure. . . Breast pumps consist of two cups attached to a vacuum generating device. These cups are meant to be placed over the breast.

    Pressure is generated when the air is sucked out of the cups, due to the partial vacuum. This pressure enhances the blood circulation in the breasts. . .

    Therefore, these pumps enhance the health of the tissues and ligaments within the breasts. Further, breast pumps help in flushing out any toxic materials that settle into the breasts from time to time. This is especially helpful when the woman is lactating. . .

    Exercise and Massaging . . We all know that exercise is good for the body. In fact, there are various exercises set for various parts of the body, like the back, the arms and the legs.

    In the same way, there are various exercises for the enlargement of breasts. Apart from such exercises, massages are also very helpful in the enlargement of breasts. These exercises are just part of the stay fit regime more and more people are embracing all over the world. . .

    Basically, breast exercises are aimed at firming up the pectoral muscles below the breasts. Once the pectoral muscles become firmer, the breast tissues follow suit, which make the breast tissues stronger and suppler. . . Therefore, breast enlargement exercises are chest expansion exercises. These exercises are part and parcel of an athlete's life.

    Along with these exercises, women use yoga to enhance their physical as well as mental state of life. Breast massages are easy, and don't require any special equipment. These massages consist of different pressures applied on the breasts a set pattern.

    Breast massages provide better circulation of blood in the breast, and flush out any dangerous toxins that may collect. . . Hypnosis . . Perhaps the most conventional method of breast enhancement is hypnosis.

    In this process, the woman actually doesn't undergo any surgery, nor does she take any medicine - natural or otherwise. It is a known fact that hypnosis can be used to make a person believe some things. Using the same logic, the woman is hypnotized into thinking that the natural size of her breasts is good enough. . . Therefore, the woman feels satisfied with herself - which may have a positive stimulation of the correct hormones and facilitate the growth of the adipose tissue.

    . . Cynics maintain that hypnosis is not a breast enhancement technique at all, and have also criticized the morality of making a person believe something that is simply not true. .

    . There are various other methods of breast augmentation and enhancement. More women are today opting for these methods. Some of the main reasons for this are: .

  • These options are relatively safe.
  • There seem to be no side effects.
  • The woman doesn't have to undergo any surgery.
  • .

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