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Minute CD Break Your Myth About Relaxing Quickly

A 5 minute CD can provide you with a break and act as a drive-through solution when you are stressed out. This break can give you more time to enjoy with your family.Then you may wonder if there is a 5 minute CD that can help you take a quick break and enjoy more time with your family how come you are not using it?.Let me explain.Working as a volunteer, I teach relaxation, by the bedside, for heart, stroke and cancer patients in hospitals. I have noticed that there is a myth about taking a break.

The myth about taking a break is the belief that keeping yourself busy is a form of therapy for dealing with stress.A 40 -year- old stroke patient discovered that being busy prevented her from getting in touch with her true feelings. It took the experience of a stroke to convince her that there is no need for or benefit from always being busy.The 5 minute CD also encourages you to stop, for a moment, in the midst of chaos and gives you an answer to your problem. This answer will now allow you to take a break and start dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Answers to a problem:.Most of the time your problems become evident to you because of your feelings. These are the same feelings that you have been taught traditionally that you have to get rid of because they make you uncomfortable. In your ignorance, you blindly accepted the idea of suppressing your feelings by popping a pill, having a drink or a smoke.The 5 minute CD, by giving you answers to a problem, is as good as popping a pill, having a drink or smoke and allows you to be more aware of you feelings because you are no longer suppressing them.

Now you can have more time to enjoy with your family.Feeling overwhelmed:.Feeling overwhelmed comes about through an accumulation of feelings that you have suppressed over the years because of the myth that keeping yourself busy and not taking a break is a form of therapy for dealing with stress. The 5 minute CD gives you the answer to a problem while allowing you to take a quick relaxation break. This results in you having more time to enjoy with your family.

In conclusion:.The 5 minute CD although an effective relaxation resource has been ignored because of the myth that keeping yourself busy rather than taking a break is a form of therapy for dealing with stress.If you choose to change your perspective and embrace your feelings, so that you can take a break and get answers to a problem, then the 5 minute CD will let you notice how it feels to take a quick break and listen to the joy of life as you spend more time with your family.


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By: Cecil McIntosh

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