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Meet the Mysterious Alpha Male Who is He Dating Advice for Men

The word "Alpha Male" is normally used in animal research, denoting those male members of the species who display forceful, domineering traits. Because of these specific characteristics, these males were responsible in the overall evolution of the species, as they were the primary originators of the reproduction process, passing their characteristic genes to the offspring.Likewise, the Alpha Male in our society are those, who has the maximum physical prowess (not necessarily) and most importantly they are the cleverest of the lot. Please don't misconstrue the word "clever" as someone "intelligent", as we will delve deeper later. I would much rather describe him as being shrewd, ingenious or even canny. These men (there are plenty of them) have the natural advantage of bagging the winner's seat, in terms of attracting female attention.

By nature, they get the maximum opportunity to pass on their genes to the next generation!.The Alpha Male is capable of arousing immediate attraction in females who see him as a prospect for intimacy. Though he exudes his own brand of charm, the "beta" male always stand "second" to the Alpha Male. The "Beta" Man is more civil, perhaps a good duplicate of an Alpha, but always the follower, never the Leader. Women may think of him as good for domesticity, but when it comes to igniting her passion with a sense of urgency, the Alpha Man beats everyone hollow.The reason for such attractiveness in a Alpha Male takes into consideration many biological and chromosomal factors like bilateral symmetry (the extent to which a body exhibits balance in its features) and the right proportion of weight and muscle distribution in his body, giving him the Adonis look, as well as freedom from harmful genetic problems.

Talking of Alpha members of species, it is interesting to note that it is not necessarily the male! For instance, amongst horses, the oldest mare is the declared leader. The oldest stallion on the contrary only owns a pack and is responsible for guarding them from predators and other dangers. Thus, physical prowess is not the only determining factor to be Alpha.

Thus it is not merely the physical strength that gets you the Alpha position, but deportment, self-confidence and intelligence, takes you there. Brains, more than brawns.For the purpose of this article, I refer to Alpha Male as a human whose positive in-born male aggressive qualities has matched with cultured intelligence and disciplined thoughts.You too can become an Alpha Man by your talent of rational thoughts, your appearance and manners and complete control over your mind and body.

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.Joshua Goh is dating & relationship expert. His desire is to motivate and support single men, women and couples to overcome the obstacles preventing them from attaining the loving relationships and lives they really want.

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By: Joshua Goh

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