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Life is Easier

It is a good day. We will have a good day; no, strike that -- we will have an excellent day!.Our lives depend so much on our attitude, especially when we first wake up. In the morning, the mirror in your bathroom is usually one of the first places you look. Plaster the bottom of the mirror with post-it notes: I Choose To Be Happy Today; Today Is The Best Day of My Life; I Will See Good in Every Place I look. Now, look into the mirror and repeat each one, concentrating on the affirmation which you need the most.

For example: You have to give a speech in front of the whole company today. You hate public speaking. It makes you very nervous and your voice comes out shaky and uneven.

Look into the mirror and say, "I love public speaking. My voice is confident and strong.".Repeat it at least three times -- don't stop there, repeat it on the way to work, while at work and before the meeting.

Repetition tricks our brain into believing and behaving the way we have perceived ourselves. If you know you'll blow it and get up there scared to death, your voice will portray your insecurities. You will blow it before you even begin. However, you have repeated positive affirmations all day. You have psyched yourself up for this event. Your brain registers the event you have been speaking of all day and remembers, "Hey, I love doing this! I always sound so confident and strong.

I'm going to 'wow' them!" And you will, not only will you 'wow' them, but you will 'wow' yourself as well.On and on the list grows with every happy thought you have. Don't be shy, go ahead and try it and see if it doesn't make you smile. What is a better way to start off the day, then with a big ole', teeth shining, spit grinning smile?.

So, what about all the negative thoughts which seem to keep poking their heads up? Every time you know you have your life down pat and ready to go on thinking happy thoughts -- WHAM! Negative thoughts spring into action: I would look so much better if I could lose thirty pounds. No one wants me looking like this, I am so tired of everyone messing with me. If it weren't for people nagging, I would be a happy person! Why does the weather always have to be so cold/hot/rainy?.Again, on and on it goes .

. . so, every time you have a negative thought, write it down! This time instead of sticking it onto your mirror, put it on a scrap piece of paper: burn it, bury it, say a prayer of release over it and let it go.Life is not easy. No one ever told us it was going to be easy, but no one ever told us how hard it was going to be, either. We can make our lives easier, by choosing to deal with all the negative emotions that make life so hard and then throwing them away, never to return to us or anyone ever again.

The only time they have power over us is when we push them into the back of our storage closet; our brain, our to deal with later bin, that they accumulate and weigh us down. Do yourself a favor, hit the delete button on all of them and see how much lighter and happier you will feel without them.Keep the post-it's all over the place, replace the negative thoughts with the happy thoughts and positive images and see how much happier and easier life can get. All because you put the effort in the right place: to work on your life, happiness, and your soul.


Tracey Wilson is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Creative Writers.

By: Tracey Wilson

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