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Lance Rants Will Iran Get the War It Desires

It should be obvious to anyone who is watching the Iranian war machine build up that they are indeed looking to have a war. Anyone who supports Iran or the Iranian leadership is supporting the killing of US Troops now! Yet many are against pre-empting Iran's nuclear weapons manufacturing or stopping their funding and sponsoring of International Terrorist organizations. To them I have a few words to say;.Iran has sent insurgents into Iraq to foil our efforts and kill US Troops. On one hand you all complain about the US deaths, on the other, you support The Iranian fanatical Nation State Sponsoring International Terrorism, threatening to blow Israel off the map and sending insurgents into Iraq to kill my brother (USMC). Get your act together and decide.

Do you support the deaths of American and Coalition troops in Iraq and the Iranian Leadership with soon, nuclear weapons or do you support Team USA? Which is it? Simple stuff. If not please provide a solution to this escalation by Iran to war.Give us a solution to the Iranian showdown crisis so the world might here them and thus be able to take action appropriately which will supposedly save lives in the long run and allow continuation of the flow of trade, oil and economic well being of the peoples of Iran, and allow the removal of the extreme fundamentalist there?.

Either you have the answer or you are not telling the truth purporting falsehood and being utterly ridiculous and cloaking yourself in fear. Are you afraid? Of what? If your ideas are good enough lets hear them? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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