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Lance Rants on the Possibility of Osama bin Laden Being on the CIA Payroll

Some conspiracy theorists tell us 911 and Osama bin Laden was a planned event and that the United States government or those beyond the government are the real culprits. In fact the conspiracy theories are so outlandish and so wild it just blows me away. These nut cases say things such as;.

"Osama bin Laden may well be on the payroll for all I know? And actually judging from history that makes the most sense to me. As every time a DHS vote comes up or more appropriations for war funds, base building or the War efforts come up, along comes another mysterious videotape on Al Jazeera? So obviously there is more going on here and the powers that be are playing the chess game at a higher level than the purported events as we see them in the mass media.".And so I guess the conspiracy theorists believe as they play they are holding the cards close to the chess and extra cards in the sleeves. But indeed they are of human genetics? And history predicts all this is possible of a potential eventuality, yet so unbelievably plausibly deniable that it is simply ridiculous; but what is the point? There proof generally are articles written in some obscure publication, but mistakes in the media purported by liberal writers are not reality; they are created reality.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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