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Keys to Wealth

You have probably asked this question over and over again: "What does it take to be wealthy?" And I am sure that you already read many of the books out there talking either directly or more generally about this subject. And you got hundreds of well intentioned advices on how to "do" that. Yet it well might be that you didn't achieve it right away, because if you would have "made" it you would not read this right now!.

First of all you got to figure out what "Wealth" means for you! For some us it just means a whole lot of money, millions or even billions of Dollars! For others it means Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience, Love, Spirituality?you name it. So, what is it you are striving for?.What I found is that there is a basic process to get wealthy no matter what kind wealth we are looking for. There are some "Universal Principles" our life obeys to whether we believe it, understand it or ignore it! These principles always work!.I am talking about facts, real science or the World of Quantum Physics! During thousands of years the mystics have already talked about it, talked about what is going on in our universe and who is in charge of your life.

And now Quantum Physics proves it bit by bit! We are living in a universe of energy and thus are obeying the physicals laws applicable to that. In simple words: By and through our thoughts we create our lives, every second of it! The good news is that we now know that we are in charge; however the bad news is that most of us run on autopilot all the time creating more and more of that we don't want! That's what the mystics talked about and they might wonder what took us so long to get there.There were always a few people in history and nowadays who truly understood this principle and made it work for them, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford to name a few.

Many people dismiss this knowledge as "just too esoteric"! But what means esoteric? The dictionary says "confined and understandable only by an enlightened inner circle"! And then there is "exoteric": "suitable for the general public". During all these millenniums only the exoteric knowledge was given away to most of the people. Only a very exclusive group of elite people got to know the esoteric secrets! But now we are in the information age and anybody, who wants to truly understand what's going on, has access to this knowledge, mainly via the discoveries of quantum physics!.If we consciously apply that knowledge in our own life, in our society, and in business at large the possibilities are infinite! We are living in the illusion of lack, which keeps us in fear that we might not have enough to survive! And this fear drains our energy and we become weak only thinking about what we don't have or we believe we lack.

And so we create more of that lack! Like attracts like and the Law of Attraction just works and delivers what you are thinking about, no exceptions!.There is only one way to get out of this trap: We must become conscious, must know and understand what is holding us back: Fear and Obligation! We must understand the Universal Laws and use them to our benefit! There is more than enough for all of us; this is a universe of abundance!.Imagine for a moment the implications this could have on your life and your business and then decide what you are going to do, what choices you are going to make. Wouldn't be NOW the right moment to start, learn and expand yourself to new heights beyond your wildest dreams?.Walter H. Groth Institute for Life and Career Transition www.


.Walter H.

Groth founded the Institute for Life and Career Transition http://www.truelifepurpose.com with offices in Laguna Beach and Munich. He is a proven expert in helping people to identify and reach their goals in life. He specializes in Teaching and Coaching Businesses and Individuals the Power of Personal Growth and how to leverage this with a "Life-Strategy" and down to earth steps and actions to take to reach your goals. Your success in Life and Business can only grow to the degree you personally grow! If you believe also have a lot more potential than your real world success shows, please contact info@truelifepurpose.

com and we will be happy to explain our process to you. Check it out: http://www.truelifepurpose.com.

By: Walter H Groth

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