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Indigenous Indians In Indonesia Can Sense An Earthquake Before It Happens

One has to wonder after the Indonesia Tsunami caused by the Sumatra Earthquake; If Indigenous Indians in Indonesia can sense an Earthquake before it happens; then well, all people should be able to do the same thing right? Well perhaps and perhaps not.We also know that when humans live in the wild and are raised by animals that they develop thru nurture; these skills, as they are much closer to nature. And I, as a runner I feel close to nature that way, having run 10-15 miles at a time out away from civilization 3-4 times per week during peak training in my past. It is something you cannot describe until you do it, but it is like you are one with the wind.You can sense and feel everything, even little animals staring at you as you job by, but that conversation is irrelevant to anyone who has not experienced ultra long hikes or survival type training I suppose. Nevertheless having some Sioux Indian Blood in me, I can say that perhaps some people can in fact do more than others and it maybe both nature and a lot nurture too.

That is not to say we all do not carry those genes and could call upon them if needed? Is it possible that with practice and nurture that all of us could in fact train our sense to pick up precursory Earthquake waves which would warn us? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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