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I Want Sleep

Do you often find yourself craving sleep because, well perhaps you are not getting enough these days? Yet when you lie down to sleep sometimes you are not as tired as you thought or you simply cannot turn off your brain? Well I am sure you are not alone. And you are probably one of those who is quite active in your life.But all in all most folks are rather lazy and if they could, they might actually prefer to sleep all day rather than do anything else you see? Humans are not the only species, which would sleep all day if it could, there are other animals who do the same.

For instance take our house cats for instance, they sure look cool, but they never do very much and they sleep some 2/3 of their live away, must be nice.In my next life I want to come back as a cat you see? Indeed and I want an owner just like me to take care of me too. What a life being a cat. So back to our subject you want sleep, yes well don't we all? In fact when polls are taken of what would you like more of in your life; people say sleep, beauty, sex and money and sometimes in that order, so what I am saying is that you are not alone in your needs or desires.Yet in considering all this we must also ask ourselves are we not getting enough sleep or are we just getting lazy? And if you got more sleep would you still want more on top of that? Indeed this is also what studies and research show, so think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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