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How to Fire Your Worst Advisor

Does this sound familiar: you are to make a decision at a point in time when you don't know the definite outcome of whichever route you take?.Then one of two things is most desirable:
? A prophetic vision of the future
? Enough time to investigate the alternatives more closely.Typically none of this happens.

So here you are left with a challenge:
? either it's an opportunity which you turn it into a success or
? a problem of which you have no clue how to solve.Take courage! You are not alone.Mark Twain the well known writer said: "In my life I had thousands of problems.

Most of them never happened.".Tackling new tasks that you've never had before make you grow. Had you never learned how to read ? which was a new task at one time ? you couldn't do it today. So it goes with everything that you can do today but didn't know how to do some time back.

By looking at the growth aspect you can start thinking about ways to help you succeed. You can think of people that have managed to turn their challenge into a success. You can think about who to contact and what questions you want to ask. You can start designing a plan of attack and develop your approach.One way is picturing the outcome that you want and make it come alive. It reminds me of the painter Vincent van Gogh who said: "First I dream my pictures.

Then I paint my dreams".Picturing the outcome that you want and doing what it takes to make it come true will make you succeed and grow and be happy. Doing so you are not alone. There will be no room for fear and you'll thus fire your worst advisor.

.Joerg Rauh is devoted to help the individual overcome fear in order to turn challenge into opportunity. See his website at http://www.free-from-cholesterol-fear.com.

By: Joerg Rauh

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