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Give Him a Night to Remember Step by Step

Start by making reservations at a hotel near the bar, and then leave exciting little notes around the house to tell him what to do. The first one should be some where he will see it as soon as he comes home. It should read something along the lines of simply "I have a surprise for you in the bedroom.".

When he goes into the bedroom, leave a note on the bed saying "someone wants to meet you. Look in the closet." In the closet, a note pinned to his favorite shirt-or yours- reads "Wear this after you take a shower.".In the bathroom, there is a note on the shower curtain. "Go to the (insert name of bar here at time).

" By now he's probably wondering what you have in store for him, and he's excited about the prospect of a surprise. Wear his favorite sexy dress and make sure you're sitting where he can't see you when he gets to the bar, but sit somewhere that you can see the door so you'll know when he comes in-keep the other vultures at bay by telling them you're waiting for someone. Have a couple drinks and think about what you've got planned for the evening.

Relax and have fun.When your lover gets to the bar, side up to him, pretending you don't know him. Ask them something like-"Want to buy a lady a drink?" you can flirt a little with the other guys, or do whatever comes naturally to the two of you, he may get into the spirit of the game right away, recognizing it for what it is, but make sure you both don't do anything that will arouse suspicion or jealousy later, that's not what this is about. Continue the game until you decide to leave together.As he walks you to the car, tell him you've reserved a room. You can have the room ready with massage oils, sex toys, champagne, and chocolates, anything you've thought of to make the night memorable.

Strip him and give him a massage, take a shower together, and draw out the night any way your imagination takes you.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link: Cheap Trashy Lingerie | Blouses See Thru.

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By: Iris Emery

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