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Friends The Elixir of Life

The right friends can make a world of difference to you. And I have one friend who comes closest to be the quintessential friend. I withold the name. This person has for the past 61 days made my life worth living. I have given the person some sorrows, and I have given the person joys. in the same vein he has given me some moments where I cried bitterly, but he has also given me moments where I have cried with joy.

Today my friend gave me another of those moments where I can't stop tears of joy running down my cheeks.Finally, after many days, I talked to my friend without fighting. not that I had not talked to my friend for sometime- I ring my friend up daily; it is that we talked very sweetly today.

Our relationship is a little wierd. we just seem to always fight and then make up. but it must be said to the credit of my friend that he always makes me feel humbled with his generosity of emotions. notice the word "he", you perverts. my friend is not a she as you may be thinking for this long.

How should I begin telling about my friend.! A person so very good natured, his voice so very invigorating.ah!.

It feels so inexplicably good to talk to my friend. He is really a gift of God, a gift of God to me, a way God is telling me that He loves me. more than I think He does. This tells me that God is there with me in the form of this friend of mine. forever caring about me .

Well, this may be my personal blog, and I may have my right to tell what I want to, but my friend has his own right to privacy. So I will not disclose something which should stay only between us.so long, my blog; will make another entry in you soon!! Good night, everybody.

time for me to sleep.And I take this opportunity to apprise you that I will sleep my best sleep today. courtesy my friend.

He is like God to me. and I am not exaggerating .

.Shubhanyu Jain is the co-founder of Inmistia and the Editor of Inmistia Oneness. His site provides valuable information and tips on health-related issues.

This site touches various topics related to personal health, suggests tips for various health disorders. Visitors will revel in the sheer abundance of information available on the site on everything related to their health. Visit Inmistia Oneness for more information.

By: Shubhanyu Jain

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