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Fragments of Schwassmann Wachmann Comet P Will They Hit Earth

Maybe you are so caught up in your daily hustle and bustle that you did not notice that in fact since May 12 thru the end of the month that Comet fragments are whizzing by Earth. Yes it is true, as these are the remains of Schwassmann Wachmann Comet 73P which is breaking up now. Some fragments are coming within 6 million miles of Earth and some say that is too close for comfort.

NASA says they are tracking the larger fragments and there is nothing to worry?.Yet one very spiritual individual and former NASA Trainer; Eric Julien, says that indeed we can expect a trailing fragment, a big one to hit the Mid Atlantic Ridge and set off a seismic event and super Tsunami some six hundred feet high which could wipe out 50 miles of the Atlantic Seaboard and kill between 50-70 million people. Yet I have to ask this over blown and embellished notion, as a spiritual person why would he say something like this?.You see if the fragments come to hit Earth chances are they would hit dead-center Tehran, as they are the ones with the evil Karma in the immediate present period.

So, if you are following a more spiritual approach, then consider that the people of the United States are so wonderful that they would not be hit. How about that thought?.The United States is the greatest civilization ever created in the History of Mankind and has the greatest people.

So obviously we are safe from such Natural Catastrophes of that magnitude, after all we have already had our share of disasters in the last year remember? Well consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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