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Food Prices Starting to Rise Is Inflation Coming to the US

Well we are now witnessing higher prices on common items at the store such as food, but why? Well simple the tractors in the fields and the trucks, which ship the products to the store, have higher costs; higher costs in fuel, which act like artificial inflation on everything we buy and mimic a tax on America.Imagine the farmer has to run his business, tractors and farm equipment too. Then a trucking company has to pick up the product to take it to be processed or it is loaded on a train, but either way they both use fuel.

Then the high-energy costs also take a toll on the processing plants for food. Then the food is shipped to market so it can go onto the shelves where you can buy it.Unfortunately it costs you more to even get yourself to the store because you have to put gasoline into your car, truck, mini-van or SUV and that is not very funny at $3.00 per gallon is it? Fuel prices affect American Families, small businesses and every thing you buy and equate to higher prices, less buying power and thus lower our standard of living and affect our quality of life.

High Fuel prices are a direct result to our addiction to Middle Eastern Oil and we need to be aware of just how serious these things are. Not only do you pay more at the pump, you are not starting to pay more for everything you buy everywhere you go; yes all due to high fuel prices. So, consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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