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Do You Love Yourself

Compassion, sympathy, love, care, are all words that we value very much. We wish to be all this to others. Love others. Be compassionate to others. Care for others and be sympathetic to others. Why not to ourselves? Why don't we show more compassion to ourselves? This sounds strange but this is true.

We treat ourselves shabbily many a times. We will work even if we are dead tired. We will worry, even if our mind is exhausted. We will plan and try to help others, when we need more help.

We wish to give so much to others that we forget about our own mind and body.Another emotion, which we use to thrash ourselves with, is guilt. We carry a lot of guilt about our past and keep on revisiting those sins and use them to kick ourselves repeatedly.

Goals and working non stop to achieve those goals, helping others, taking care that no one is hurt, and so many other such desires make us work hard and in the process we forget that we are also human beings.We forget our body, mind and heart. Once in a while, we need to pamper ourselves. Talk to our own body. Ask it to relax. Talk to our mind.

Tell it not to worry so much. Leave things to God. Help others, and at the same time treat ourselves gently to be little more calm and peaceful.

Begin loving yourself like your mother used to do when you were a small baby. You need it at times.

.CD Mohatta writes for messages in screensavers, desktop wallpapers, and online greetings. He writes on living, inspiration, romance, business management, etc.

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By: CD Mohatta

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