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Democratic Imperialism Debate

Many academic liberal professors have stated that you cannot force an Islamic country to become Democratic and that in trying you merely are practicing Democratic Imperialism and thus the debate. If we consider the Palestinian authority in the Democratic voting in of Hamas we can certainly see the problem with the democracy, which is run by the mob.A mob, which is indeed, controlled by radical fundamentalist clerics and along with their own form of mass media hysteria brainwashing. If we look at the new President of Iran and that radical, fundamentalist regime we can see the problems of democracy in backwards mindsets of the overall population are the fundamentalist population base, now their largest constituency.

You see the easiest way to build a team is to pick an enemy and label it something. Often high school football teams will in fact label their cross-town rivals the bad guys, however in reality their fathers work at the same companies and they all live in the same middle-class neighborhoods only divided by a line or boundary, which determines where each student will go to school.In guerrilla warfare and primate politics we often see political opponents labeling each other unfit to lead.

Too often leaders of Muslim nations will rally the people behind them by blaming all their societies woes of their nation upon that of another nation nearby. In doing so vague garner a large base of supporters. Then the mindless masses all of them follow. This will take place in democracies in Middle Eastern countries whether we like it or not and it may or may not include hatred for the United States. If we force democracies on to other nations we need to be careful that they do not label us the reason for their woes.

Consider this in 2006.

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