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Christian Fire and Brimestoners Can Cause Quite a Stur

If you ever follow the debates online often a critical and angry Christian over the top comment appears. I call these folks the fire and brimstone Christians as they often tell their debating partners to; Burn in Hell or some such nonsense? Recently in an online debate I watched a Christian and an atheist duke it out in a verbal spar to the death and beyond, when the atheist said;.Wait a minute you said: "GOD DID NOT CREATE YOU -YOU ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL".Now then do not worry I take no offense to this at all. I do not believe there is an anti-Christ or Devil. But it seems you meant that in a negative and mean spirited way.

Not that I am concerned with this as it is human nature to want revenge if one considers themselves offended. A good thing to always think is this; "A person who is offended often seeks revenge" teach it to your children so they do not make enemies, life to is too short and communities too small. Now then if you call me the son of the devil, that is mean spirited and a hateful comment, of course it bounced off as we both know that is not true.If you now state that; "No I was not being hateful the bible said if they are not of us (a christian) THEN THEY ARE OF THERE FATHER THE DEVIL.".If it says that in your version of the Bible then it is a hateful work of literature filled with hypocrisy and thus you shouldn't follow it.

Throw it out for example.-----------.Well you can imagine what happened next as the Christian follower sent the atheist straight to hell using words I cannot even mention online without the FBI coming and knocking on my door. Interesting isn't it? Fascinating indeed.

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By: Lance Winslow

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