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Celebrities Find out what they are doing

We all, expecially the youngest, use to take a singer or an actor as an idol, we all have our favourite. But most of the times they are not so perfect as we think. Now or then they finish to clean their closet and a lot of dirty came out.

Our children look movies like High School Musical and one of the character have the sex pictures hobby, o what if our child search in internet her pics because she is her idol? Well I guess is better he look for someone else as idol. And what happend to the adorable Linsday Lohan? After her scandalous picture and drug affair, no there are also some tape on internet. Probably she is thinking to be another kind of actress, for adult movie! Fortunately some shining star still resiste to the temptation to be a "bad girl", like Eva Longoria, who is having success not only in USA but also in Europe, or Hilary Duff and Jessica Alba both nice girls and actress. Is good to be informated about the celebrities not only for do some gossip with friends, but also for know better what kind of person our idols really are.

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