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Brainwash Yourself for Total Success A Step Guide

When you hear the word "brainwash," I'm sure empowering images don't exactly dance around in your head. But like it or not, the process of brainwashing is an extremely powerful tool for controlling the human mind, and I doubt very seriously that the majority of us couldn't use a little more control of the computer that resides between our ears.Brainwashing is the process of subjecting oneself or others repeatedly to a certain idea or belief until that idea or belief becomes theirs. This can be done through any one of the senses i.

e. visual images, sounds, pain, pleasure, etc. This strategy can also be used on yourself to condition your mind for a lasting, powerful belief change. After all, it isn't until your beliefs change that a true change in behavior can be achieved.

Here is my 5-step process for brainwashing yourself for success. It can also be thought of as directed visualization mixed with meditation. Whatever you want to call it, over time, this process will not only create lasting change, but it will make change a natural, easy process.Here are the 5 steps:.STEP 1 ? Get Ready.Go to an area that is quiet and clean.

Make sure there is a comfortable place to sit. Have an alarm clock or timer nearby that is set for 10 minutes. Feel free to set it for longer--the more time you spend on this, the faster you will see results.STEP 2 ? Relax.Take a minute or two and pay attention to your breathing. If any thoughts come into your mind, just let them pass.

If you get distracted, gently bring your attention back to your breath. If you have a favorite meditation technique, feel free to use that instead. The point of this step is to relax your brain and calm down your thoughts, so if you feel comfortable using another method to relax, use that.STEP 3 ? Visualize Your Success.

This is where the "brainwashing" takes place. Visualize yourself as completely successful. As vividly as you can, picture what you would be doing if you were completely successful. What would you look like? Who would you associate yourself with? What would your house look like? Imagine looking at your account balance at the ATM. The more detailed your images can get, the better. Imagine walking around each room in your dream home.

Smell the aroma coming from your kitchen. What sounds would you hear? Feel the glossy finish on your new car. Feel the sand of your private beach sifting through your fingertips. Try to use all of your senses in your visualizations. Don't forget to feel the excitement as you picture these things. The more emotion you can produce, the faster you will see changes.

STEP 4 ? Hold Onto The Feeling.For as long as you can, hold onto the feeling of being completely successful. As you go about your day, try to do all your tasks through the eyes of a winner. At first, the feeling will be gone almost instantly. As in anything, practice makes perfect. Over time, you will be able to hold on to this feeling for longer periods of time.

It will also become stronger and stronger.STEP 5 ? Rinse and Repeat.This may feel funny or unnatural at first and your subconscious mind may reject it. Don't worry, you aren't doing it wrong. The more you do these steps, the more natural the process will feel.

Eventually you will be "brainwashed." What you started out just imagining yourself to be will truly be who you now are. This is when your life will seem to automatically materialize into what you pictured it to be. DO NOT give up until you have success. All top performers have achieved success in their minds before they ever achieved it in reality. Should you choose it, this is your fate too.

Have fun!.

.Greg Berlant is the founder of moneymagnetsystem.com, a site focusing on building a millionaire mentality - the foundation for true wealth. Click here for success and learn how to make wealth-building a natural process. Offering free eBooks, articles, products, software, and more.


By: Greg Berlant

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