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Fear of Commitment - In my counseling work, I often work with clients who have a deep fear of commitment.

Democratic Imperialism Debate - Many academic liberal professors have stated that you cannot force an Islamic country to become Democratic and that in trying you merely are practicing Democratic Imperialism and thus the debate.

Online Dating Advice Making the First Move - Online Dating is often cited as a great way for shy people to extend their social circle and find love, but lack of confidence can be just as bad on the Internet as it is offline.

Advantages of Online Dating - With the advantages of online dating becoming more obvious all the time, it?s no wonder the industry itself is continually growing.

Seek Riches Christian - Many Christians believe it is wrong for a Christian to seek after riches.

Success Is A Winning Feeling - While it may seem that success creates the winning feeling, it is also possible to use the winning feeling to create success.

How To Get Organized In Minutes A Day - Are you unhappy with the disorganized state of your home?.

True or False Moving is Stressful - True or false, Moving is stressful?.

Humor and Your Spiritual Well Being - It happens all the time: A tense, stressful situation at work, then an offhand remark, followed by laughter and perhaps a knowing nod.

Tricks to Pick Up Chicks - First impressions count, right? Well, sure they do, but to make a lasting impression on the goddess of your dreams, you need more than a shallow pool of party tricks and pick-up lines.

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