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Dont Take It Personally - Do you sometimes feel like there is a conspiracy and the whole world is picking on you? Your friends, family, colleagues, even strangers? You know they are really talking about you even though they are making general statements.

What Yoga Can Do for You - People today are very conscious about their body and psyche.

Dating How Nice Guys Dont Have To Finish Last - Are you a nice guy? Do you find dating to be a challenge because girls think of you as a friend or a brother? Do you wonder why all the women you want, seem to go out with guys who are thought of as "bad boys?".

Challenged by your relationships Good - Why are our relationships such a challenge? .

Improve Memory Tips - This article will review the use and potential of using mnemonics tactics to increase and improve memory capabilities and better memory in general.

Romantic Temperament What is it - Is it wonderful when your lover knows exactly what do you wanted? But in real life things often don?t happen the way that you dreamed.

Women Issues Domestic Violence Against Women - If we remember the medieval history of the world, there were valiant knights who saved damsels in distress.

Environmentalism and Reality Check - Environmentalism needs a reality check because too often environmental rules and regulations are used in order to prevent someone from exercising their private rights as a citizens or as a corporations to make a profit on their property or enjoy a.

The Truth About Governments - Whereas the United States of Americas Government is about the most transparent around, it is not completely honest.

Teaching Hatha Yoga Should a Yoga Teacher be a Vegetarian - There are many beliefs and myths about what one should do to become a Yoga teacher.

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