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Whats Stopping you from Becoming a Yoga Teacher - What are some of the common hurdles to becoming a Yoga teacher? What can you do about them? Here?s a way to accomplish your dream of becoming a Yoga teacher, without causing you any stress.

Are you effective or ineffective in your life - Copyright 2006 Robin Harris, DesignerLife.

Clearing the Way for Wonder Love and Gratitude - Few of us, beyond the age of 30 years or so, retain the ability to delight in life?s essential purity.

Online Dating Questions Not to Ask Part - While you are going through the motions of online dating, you will likely meet a few people you are interested in getting to know better.

Indigenous Indians In Indonesia Can Sense An Earthquake Before It Happens - One has to wonder after the Indonesia Tsunami caused by the Sumatra Earthquake; If Indigenous Indians in Indonesia can sense an Earthquake before it happens; then well, all people should be able to do the same thing right? Well perhaps and perhaps.

How To Talk About Feelings With Your Life Partner - Three T Communication.

Fate and Free Will Part IV - First of all we must understand what is fate? According to the Hindu scriptures there are three types of karmas (which form our fate).

God is an Entrepreneur and Capitalist - If there was a God; what would God be like and what would his impression of the United States of America be? Well, God would certainly be an innovator, a capitalist and pose as the entrepreneurial spirit.

TwentyFive Things You Dont Know About Behavior Management Part - In real estate and business, the elemental truth is simple ?Location, Location, and Location.

Why is the United States of America so Strong - The United States of America is the greatest nation ever created on the surface of the planet.

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