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Anxiety Best Way to Cure Yourselves - ?Get over it? or ?Smarten up? is that what we tell, or at least think, when one of our friends or a family member has let a situation or event linger? Do we ever consider that they may not be able to just get over it or smarten up; they may be dea.

Its Not Just Other People Who - ?I am lucky in that I have never experienced physical abuse, but I have experienced verbal and emotional abuse, and strangely enough, I have recently realised that some of the worst of it has been from myself.

The Fear Smear -  Are You Being Informed, Or Intimidated?.

Using Archangel Michael for Healing - Although I had heard of Archangel Michael and his power, and had asked for his assistance at times, it wasn?t until I was working with one of my clients that I began to invoke him regularly.

Food Prices Starting to Rise Is Inflation Coming to the US - Well we are now witnessing higher prices on common items at the store such as food, but why? Well simple the tractors in the fields and the trucks, which ship the products to the store, have higher costs; higher costs in fuel, which act like artif.

Quiz Your Relationship Is It Happy And Healthy - We are social animals.

Test Your Ability To Handle Crisis - Who has not faced a crisis in his/her life? All of us do? The difference is in our response.

Yoga Opening the Hips with the Pigeon Pose - A common request in any yoga class is for hip openers like the Pigeon Pose.

Stress and its Relation with Physical Pain - "Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this sore knee / headache / back pain?".

Does Academia Make you White - I?ve been in school a long time, heard alot of facts, read alot of books, and researched innumerable studies.

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