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Animals Can Feel Earthquake in Advance What about Insects Too

We all have heard the stories of the animals, which knew in advance to run from the Indonesia Tsunami and we have all heard stories of bizarre animal behavior prior to major Earthquakes as well. But if most mammal animals can do this including the indigenous Indians of Indonesia [human animals], what about other creatures too? Good question indeed and this was recently brought up in an online think tank when one member stated;."I wonder if the creatures closest to the ground would be showing an acknowledgement of seismic activity long before mammals would. For instance, most areas have certain types of insects with some being more evolved than others. Perhaps, those types, which are the most social, would notice the slightest movements first as they are concerned for the group's survival.

".Interesting then perhaps if you witnessed strange behavior such as the insects running out of the shelter onto a rock or open space all together in a swarming type march. Ants come to mind for no reason, maybe you could surmise that they are getting vibrational clues from Mother Earth of an impending event? Interesting, you could test this with a child's ant farm and then hitting it with various frequencies similar to the disruptions that are precursors to Earthquakes I suppose. The experiment to prove this makes sense and has applications for many things from farming and agriculture, strengthening migratory bird flocks to even military.

If after Bird Flu virus takes heavy hits on the flocks then inciting their favorite insect food out of the group with frequency emissions might help them strengthen and regain their numbers faster, more offspring in faster time due to abundance of high-protein and hard to get too food; Worms?.Is it possible or plausible that insects could in fact detect precursory vibrational changes in the Earth prior to Earthquakes? Well consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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