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Americans Will Not Live in Fear of International Terrorism

Apparently the International Terrorists and those rogue fundamentalist regime nation states which sponsor them, somehow believe that the United States can be beaten using fear tactics? Not so.You see their plan is backfiring and drawing attention to them and the minds and will of the American people can beat that alone. Indeed we also just happen to have at our disposal the largest military on Earth, with the most resources as well. You see here is the deal.The United States of America and all Americans; that is to say the American People will not live in fear and if for some unknown reason we fail at hunting down the international terrorists, then we do have a "Plan B" one which we do not want to use because we are such a caring nation and those International Terrorists and the nation states which sponsor them had better hope we do not lose or back track on international terrorism; because if this keeps up the ramification could be dire to those nations who sponsor international terrorists.

Then the US will if push comes to shove be the last ones standing on said planet believe you me. Trust me on that. No one likes ethnic cleansing.So the World needs to join us now in hunting down International Terrorist and they better hope to hell we win the war on terror and sooner rather than later. We will use every possible high-tech and low tech means to take out every known terrorist. Don't tell me what we are and are not capable of defeating the Terrorists.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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