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All FEMA Trailers Should Be Solar Powered

If the federal government is going to spend millions and millions of dollars for trailers for disaster relief victims then perhaps they should make them solar powered. There are many reasons for this for instance often after natural disaster all the power plant lines are down and there is no power.Secondly disaster relief victims often do not have any money and have lost everything and therefore they cannot afford the expensive costs of electricity bills.

It makes sense to bring the area back to normal and use FEMA trailers and for another $10,000 per trailer they can be outfitted with solar panels to run most basic appliances that these trailers are outfitted with.I propose all FEMA trailers should be solar-powered, as this will also help the United States of America break our addiction to foreign Middle Eastern oil. This is just one thing that the government can do to help the economies of scale for the solar power industry and the thus lower costs for all people who wish to install solar panels in their homes, recreational vehicles and small businesses.Today solar panels cost less to manufacture and are twice as efficient as they were five years ago and with more money in purchases of solar panels for FEMA trailers the economies of scale will lower price even more and therefore this makes it a win-win situation for all concerned.

Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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