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Academic Confusion

Have you ever noticed that one University Report conflicts or is diametrically opposed to another University Research Paper? You would think that if both groups are using scientific method that they would indeed come to the same conclusions right? Well you would think, but they never do.Why is this happening you might ask? Well rather than considering all the data sets from all perspectives they so often choose a linear thought process, as humans usually do you see. But shouldn't scientific methods alleviate this problem? Well who created scientific methods? Humans right and anything that humans do is a little screwed up you see?.Simply slapping "University of" to the research does not change the innate characteristics of the humans behind the scenes carefully and selectively interpreting the data to prove themselves right.

Oh and also those corporations, governments and folks who fund their research too of course. And let's not forget the professor in charge he has a reputation to uphold and some revenge to seek on the competing theories in that field of research too. Can you see the issues?.And thus one has to ask them selves if you cannot trust the integrity of scientific method or the research from our Top Universities in the world, what can you trust? Well you can trust those laws of nature that you can fully understand and you cannot ever trust anything that involves a human being, they are most harmless but cannot be trusted.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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